Great Training Ride … Brutal Wind!

The wind is an excellent training tool.
The wind is an excellent training tool.
The wind is an excellent training tool.

I felt like I needed to click together ruby cycling shoes as I repeated this to myself …

We rode from Davis towards Dixon, then towards Vacaville. English Hills. Steiger Road. Gibson Canyon. Into town, lunch at Nugget, then wound our way back from Vacaville to Dixon to Davis. The entire way out we were pounded mercilessly with wind.

OK. So maybe I’m a little melodramatic about the wind, but it was a lot stronger than it was supposed to be today and I really did not like it. Not one bit at all!

Honestly, I did not much enjoy the ride out, but I kept myself going thinking about the potential tailwind we would have on the way back. It took a really long time to get from Davis to Vacaville today; much longer than normal. Some days the wind really zaps me and today was one of those days. We weren’t sure we would make it back home to Davis before dark, but the tailwind was in our favor and we got home just in time.We rode just over 65 miles today.

Photo: 100 days until Napa Valley Tour de Cure! Register today!

This is the BEST ride and for a great cause!

I’ve got just about three months to get ready for the 2013 Napa Valley Tour de Cure. I’ve had a few setbacks in the past few months, and I’ve really got to get moving on my training.

If you want to join me at the Tour de Cure, you can register here:

If you want to donate to my ride, you can here:

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