Challenge: Day 12

It’s another perfect cycling day here in Sacramento. This morning I did almost the same ride on the American River Trail, but only about 56 miles.

My ride was powered by a bowl of steel cut oats (1/2 cup pre-cooked volume), with a few pecans, and drizzle of pure maple syrup. I’m sure a latte helped, too! During the ride, I had one packet of blueberry fig bars (220 calories), 1 gel, and loads of water. By the time I got home I was super hungry, but wanted to still eat on the lighter side because it’s so close to dinner. I’ve had some Greek yogurt, nuts, miso broth, and a Baby Bel light cheese.

Last night I started marinating some chicken for tonight – in teriyaki with some garlic chile paste. I’ve got a fresh pineapple that I think will be a nice addition, but I haven’t decided if I want to have it cooked in with the chicken or on the side. I’ll post that later.

Now, I’m just procrastinating on doing some chores, so off I go …

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