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Wrapping Up The Challenge

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

My 21-Day Challenge did not produce a 5-pound weight loss, but it did get me focused on portion sizes and thinking more about what I’m eating. Overall I have pretty good “diet” habits anyway, and that made doing a challenge like this pretty painless. Would I have seen the weight loss had I followed the 21-Day Fix exactly? Probably. Would I spend the money on the program? Probably not. However, do I think it would be worthwhile to buy if I needed to make more drastic changes to my overall diet? Probably.

Will I continue on this Foodie Exploration to eat lots of vegetables and lean proteins and developing new recipes in this spirit? Absolutely!

So, I’ll be heading into the next three weeks continuing to focus on healthy eating habits and exercise. With the upcoming time change, I’m hoping I’ll be able to grab a quick ride in the morning before work.

Speaking of cycling … it’s an unexpectedly beautiful morning. I was hoping for some much needed rain this weekend, but it’s not looking like that’s going to happen. I’m heading out for a quick ride and then will be putting together a vegetable lasagna – something I have not made in years! It will be loaded with vegetables (carrots, eggplant, mushrooms, spinach, fresh tomatoes, and zucchini), non-fat cottage cheese (instead of ricotta), and part-skim mozzarella. Super lean ground turkey with some fennel seeds, herbs, and chili flakes for a little homemade sausage flavor. A bit of a healthier twist on classic lasagna and a great way to get those folks who don’t like vegetables to eat them.