My First DBC Ride

That was awesome! I was chomping at the bit to get on the road today. I thought the group ride started at 9am, but it didn’t start until 10am. So, I got this brilliant idea to ride to Lake Solano first, then meet the group in Winters. It was pretty windy when I started out this morning, so I am amazed that I made it in time to meet the group.

I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but there were different levels of riders and I connected with a couple of riders who were doing the same pace I was. I am looking forward to many more rides with the group.

I didn’t stop for any pictures today, but I got some nice photos on my ride yesterday. I did pretty much the same ride yesterday. Here are some photos from yesterday, which was a gorgeous day, just windy as heck.


Some of these photos are similar, but there are subtle differences.

Have an awesome day! I need to go do some laundry and then I think I want to play with some food tonight. I’m thinking salmon for dinner sounds pretty yummy!

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