Dinner Preview

A sneak peak at what’s for dinner tonight …

Frost Kissed Artichokes


Veggies fresh from the Farmers' Market

Fennel (from Trader Joe's, not the FM)

Baby turnips ... the vendor promised they'd be super sweet


Curried Sweet Potatoes, roasting in the oven right now!

Fresh fennel ... we're going to try grilling it

Heirloom Cherry Tomato & Persian Cucumbers with Fresh Thyme, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, & Balsamic Vinegar


I guess I’d better get back to cooking. Oh, no photos yet, but we’re also having steaks from Yolo Land & Cattle Company that we got at the Davis Farmers’ Market this morning. The steaks are marinating in some extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, and thyme.

Looking forward to a fun ride tomorrow! The weather is supposed to be wonderful!

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