Off the bike this week …

I took my bike in to the bike shop and they’re checking her frame for cracks. The repair guy said at first look he didn’t see anything obviously wrong with the frame, but they’re going to check to be sure. The wheels and tires seem to be OK, too. I won’t get her back until the end of the week.

I will have to replace some components and hopefully that won’t cost too much.

Advil, ice, and rest seem to be helping me. I think I’ll have a better idea tomorrow if I need to go to the doctor.

I can’t believe I did not get this man’s name. I can’t believe he didn’t even offer to tell me. The crash was completely and unarguably his fault alone.┬áHe was riding too fast for his ability and level of awareness and speed of his reflexes. He is a menace and should NOT be allowed to ride. He couldn’t just swerve to his right and land by himself in the grassy ditch. No. He had to swerve to his left and take me out. Thanks. Sure glad I was there to break your fall so you didn’t hurt yourself.

OK. I said it. I am pissed. I think I’d better step away from the keyboard … now.

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