Greek Gods of the Winds

According to Greek mythology, there are Gods of the Winds . Boreas is the north wind, Zephyrus the west wind, and Eurus the east (or southeast) wind. Boreas is the coldest and most powerful. As far as I can tell, they’re brothers.

I’m trying to figure out which direction the winds are blowing today so I can figure out which Greek god to plead to. According to the Weather Channel’s hourly forecast for the Davis area this morning, 6am North (18 mph), 6:15am West (17 mph), 6:30 South (16 mph), 6:45am East (15 mph). Oh, dear. The Gods of the Winds appear to be at battle; perhaps what we have going on here right now is a sibling rivalry of epic proportions.

The evil North Wind is expected to blow ~15 mph (gusts up to 50 mph!) pretty much the rest of the day today.

Kaikias, the Northeast Wind, will bully his way in there now and then today. He’s a bad boy in Greek mythology, bringing with him cold and blizzards.  Apparently he always carries hail. Oh, yay.

Sunday’s Napa forecast is for 16 mph SSW winds. Notus is the South Wind, who was considered to be dangerous. Lips, or Livos, was the Southwest Wind. He was known to be lukewarm.

Oh, my. I am so confused now. I never was good at this Greek mythology thing.

Dear Gods of the Winds, can you please play nicely together on Sunday for our 2013 Napa Valley Tour de Cure ride? We humans would sure appreciate it!





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