2 Weeks + 1 Day

With just 2 weeks & 1 day to go, I must make use of every training moment before my 2014 Napa Valley  Tour de Cure.

In a few days I’ll start checking the 10-day weather forecast daily. Not so much because it’s accurate (it’s more often not, especially when it comes to wind mph), but because it gives me some sense of how to prepare. Each year I end up purchasing one new item (or maybe two …) just to make sure I have what I need for hot/cool, dry/wet, whatever the predicted conditions may be.

Morning Ride

The mornings have been perfect for cycling before work and some evenings after. I’ve been cycling almost every morning before work, and would like to ride more after, but too many things have been going wonky, so … whatever.

I’ve been cooking some really good, healthy stuff lately, but haven’t been getting many decent photos.

I have been experimenting with Chia Seed Pudding recipes, working on developing a healthy one that tastes as amazing as the one I had at True Food Kitchen in San Diego. It’s not quite there, yet, but I am hopeful.

Today’s ride was 65.1 miles … lots and lots of “Davis Hills” today. More of the same tomorrow. Makes for great training!



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