Holiday Baking …

Yeah, it’s not happening so much this year. Too busy. That’s OK. Not enough cycling and too much holiday baking is not really a good combination.

Tonight I had a rare night of bad baking luck. Well, not really baking, but I completely messed up a batch of truffles. I have had really good luck with this truffle recipe from Ina Garten, but tonight … not so much. I think perhaps I did not chop the chocolate finely enough so it did not melt entirely. I had this brilliant idea to warm it gently by setting the glass bowl over almost boiling water. I think I got it just a bit too hot. The fat from the cream separated out a bit and they’re just not smooth and pretty. When I chilled them, it was obviously separated.

I’m quite displeased with myself about this because I used Strauss Family Creamer organic cream and was making them for gifts. Oh, bah! They did not turn out well at all, but I think I can use this mixture as a base for a dark chocolate frosting for a cake, maybe? Hmm … perhaps a foodie adventure is in store for this coming weekend? After a long bike ride, of course!

The Sacramento area weather is looking good for cycling this weekend. I have to work on Saturday (Commencement!) but the weather forecast for Sunday looks promising.

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