New Challenge Begins …

The new challenge begins … officially tomorrow. Each morning as I work out on the trainer, I’ve been watching lots of You Tube videos about these challenges. I’m learning some things I didn’t get right on my previous challenge (duh, instant oatmeal*) and getting some ideas on how to better come up with my own plan that will work for me. I’ll keep working on recipes and ideas and posting them. Part of this challenge for me is to make sure I’m blogging. I get so busy with work that sometimes the last thing I want to do is to come home and use a computer.

* That said, I will always keep some organic instant oatmeal on hand, especially at work, because it’s a lot less unhealthy than a lot of other options. … like running to the Coffee House and grabbing a scone.

It’s a lovely day outside and I’m thinking it’s time to head out for a ride. It’s training time! The 2015 Napa Valley Tour de Cure is just 8 weeks away. I am very far away from my fundraising goal. Please consider making a donation to my ride. It’s a great cause!

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