Shout Out: Velo City Bicycle Center

I am so happy that Mike’s Velo City in Winters works on Campy components.

I need to replace a bunch of stuff on my Colnago. I love my Campy shifters, but I’m learning it can be hard to find shops that have the equipment to work on them. I don’t want to go back to the shop where the bike came from (they’ll remain nameless) because they’ve been pretty rude and elitist when I’ve go in there.

The guys at Velo City in Winters have always been really nice and very helpful whenever I’ve gone in there. A few years ago I took my Trek in for a tune up and they did a great job. They’ve helped me out a few times in the past few years when I’ve been out on a ride and something stupid goes wrong with my bike. They fixed it, they charged a fair price, and they have always been really nice about it. This is the kind of local shop I love to support.

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