Winters Ride … Like Visiting An Old Friend

It’s time for some serious bike work, but first, a ride.

Downtown Winters

We would all love to have some rain, but I am hoping it can hold off until I’m done with my ride today because I am not dressed for rain!

Lake Solano Park, looking towards Lake Berryessa

It turned out to be a beautiful, but a little breezy, day. I lucked out – I rode into the wind on my way out towards Vacaville and got a nice push on my way back to Winters.

Lake Solano Park, looking towards Winters

Oh, dear … I have never dropped a chain quite like this. It was really stuck!

Old Chain + A Bad Shift = A Mess!

Yep. Definitely time for some bike work. I’d better not tempt fate … time to cut this ride a little short and head back to town.

My Colnago will be all clean and sparkly and new-feeling just in time for my 2015 Napa Valley Tour de Cure ride! Please help me to reach my goal – you can make a donation here.

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