Not to Brag or Anything, But …

Guess who I got to ride alongside of today on the American River Trail?

Oh, just about all of the teams for the 2015 Amgen Tour of California. They’re out spinning their legs today, gearing up for Stage 1 of the men’s race, which is tomorrow in Sacramento.

Yep. I got to ride with each team for about 2-3 seconds as they zipped past me. Some of the teams were very polite and called out, “On your left.” I really appreciated that.

Like I said, not to brag, or anything, but now¬† I can say that I’ve ridden with most of the 2015 Amgen guys. Although, I am sad that I didn’t get to ride with Team Sky. They were already headed back the other way, so we passed right pretty close to Discovery Park.

Happy cycling! Here’s wishing all the guys on all the teams an exciting and safe Tour of California!

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