Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

It’s really hard to believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I’m cooking for family. It will be a pretty basic and healthy menu: Pork tenderloin. Asparagus. Green beans with mushrooms (no, not the ooey gooey casserole with canned mushroom soup and canned crunchy onions on top, but my healthy “stir-steamed” version). Roasted yams. Mom’s coleslaw. Mom is making pumpkin pie, so no dessert for me. That’s fine – I won’t have worked hard enough to earn it, so … dessert will have to wait for the weekend.

I’ll also cook something for dinner tonight and I’m thinking my seafood stew will be a hit. I’m just realizing that I have yet to post that recipe. It is a simplified version of this cioppino recipe. One of these days I will post that recipe.

Here are a few photos from my early morning walk … it was quite chilly out there in Davis this morning!

112515 am walk (13) - Copy


112515 am walk (22)

Just my shadow and me, out for a chilly morning stroll.

Can you tell I like Autumn leaves?

Can you tell I like Autumn leaves?

Love my sunrise walks.

Love my sunrise walks. I’m looking forward to sunrise bike rides again. Sigh…

There are lots of details to attend to before I head out for the holiday, so I’d best be getting to them. Here’s wishing you a wonderful, safe, and happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy in good health!

I am really sad that I won’t be able to ride tomorrow. It will be the first Thanksgiving in 10 years that I have not cycled in the morning. Hopefully I will be able to make up for it over the weekend!

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