Breezy Ride Today

Here are a few scenes from my ride today.

A beautiful spring-like day here.

A beautiful spring-like day here.

Delicate, sweet, fragrant almond blossoms along Putah Creek Road.

Sweet, fragrant almond blossoms along Putah Creek Road.

The morning started out so calm and in just a few hours there was this crazy wind. That will teach me to wait too long to get out on the road in the morning, huh? 56 miles total and most of it either into a headwind or fighting a strong side wind. It was worth it, though, for those few miles with a sweet tailwind.

That made for a pretty good training ride. I was hoping to ride a longer distance today, but with the wind this was enough. It’s been wonderful cycling before work again. I know we need more rain, but I’m sure enjoying cycling again. Yesterday 62 miles. Tomorrow … who knows how many?

Dinner tonight was a simple salad of greens, avocado, and tomato with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I had a small piece of a lean cut of beef that had marinated overnight in coffee, balsamic vinegar, and a little olive oil. I quickly pan fried the little steaks, then allowed them to rest while I made some mushroom gravy. It was very low fat – I used the leftover marinade as the base of the sauce and added some beautiful oyster mushrooms. I made a light slurry of chicken stock with a bit of flour to thicken the sauce and some fresh thyme to brighten it up a bit. It was very flavorful, but low fat. I made some smashed potatoes (basically mashed potatoes with the skin still on them!) to have with the gravy. The potatoes were also low fat – made with a bit of low fat milk and no butter.

The meat was a very lean piece of beef and kind of tough even after marinating overnight. Sliced very thin, however, it was quite flavorful and tender. The leftovers will be a perfect addition to a post-ride salad tomorrow.


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