That Was Hot, Hot, Hot!

Sunday’s ride … We started our ride on the American River Parkway and rode up to Folsom, then up to Auburn and back to Sacramento. We got a late start (bad idea when the forecast is for 100+ degree heat). Normally the heat doesn’t get to me too much, but by the end of this ride I was pretty much whipped. Almost 70 miles total, which doesn’t seem like that much on paper, so to speak, but … slogging up that hill to Auburn in the brutal sun … yeah. Whipped. Let’s just say I got a little cranky (no pun intended!) by the time I got to the top of the hill.

The perfect mid-ride, 100+ degree weather snack.

The perfect mid-ride, 100+ degree weather snack. I was back to my cheery self in no time!

I drank about 10 bottles of water on this ride. It was hot, hot, hot! Thank goodness for insulated water bottles.

Still smiling, but even my sunscreen was melting!

Even my sunscreen was melting.

Have a great day – here’s hoping you get a nice ride in today!

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